Building By Sharing Jesus


Brian Rex Davis
Cedar Park, TX
WBS ACTION! Editor and President


As I travel about our nation, I am seeing churches excited about restoring their fellowships and rebuilding their assemblies back to pre-Covid levels. World Bible School would like to help by offering ways to build by EVANGELISM.

As the verse on the cover (Acts 15:16-17) encourages us, let’s not stop with just getting back to where we were, but let us set our goals in such a way “that the rest of mankind may seek the Lord”! Rather than let a global pandemic knock us down, let’s take the opportunity to speak to our community about spiritual answers to their pressing questions.

Evangelism works, but it takes work to see the fruit! Half the task is finding a way to get started. This is where the tools of WBS can be so helpful.


Campbell St church of Christ WBS program
The Campbell St. church of Christ in Jackson, TN reaches out domestically and internationally with their WBS program.

Mailing our “The Way to Life” Introduction Correspondence Course to your area Zip Codes. With the story of Philip & the Ethiopian Official, our intro booklet The Way to Life offers poignant insights to friendship, purpose, and hope. With many scripture portions within the text, the Gospel of Christ is presented in a way that encourages further study. Purchase now!

Organize a Study Helper group to grade return Printed and Online Lessons. New hearts will be touched as our hearts are renewed. Apply to become an online Study Helper!

Couple this with our WBS Connect program where we help your congregation get the word out through traditional and digital means of your offer to share Jesus to everyone. Responders are channeled to your congregation! You can teach them by paper or by using our on-line study tools (all of which have apps for your smart phones). Learn more about Connect!

Young and old can get involved in sharing Jesus as your congregation reaches out to those around you with the saving Gospel of Christ. 

Let us build and restore by evangelism!

ACTION! is World Bible School's flagship publication. Read inspiring success stories, tips on how to share the Gospel with others and updates on WBS and its tools!

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