Incentive Bible Program

Free to qualifying students. Study Helper only pays for shipping.

How It Works

WBS Study Helpers often wonder how to keep their students studying deeper into the, “Master Series,” hopefully to the point of making a decision for Christ. WBS now offers free WBS Study Bibles for qualifying Students. It can be a great blessing to both Printed and Online Lesson Students. Here is how to take advantage of this opportunity:

  1. The Bible is free, but you agree to pay for shipping — whether yourself or through your WBS program. This will be approximately $10 for international addresses, and $4 for U.S. addresses for a single Bible.
  2. It is up to you to let your students know about the Free Bible Incentive Program. Eligible Students are those to whom you have not yet provided Born of Water and Spirit. Tell them that they will receive a Bible if they:
    • Complete the, “Master Series” courses through Born of Water and Spirit
    • Achieve at least a 70 percent passing rate on Born of Water and Spirit.
  3. Let WBS know about each Student who qualifies in one of the ways below. Note to Online Lesson Study Helpers: you must first have your students provide you their physical mailing address.
    1. Download and complete the PDF form below to send us shipping information
    2. Mail it to WBS Incentive, P.O. Box 2169, Cedar Park, Texas 78630
      or email to
      or call (512) 345-8190
    3. Pay shipping with card or check. WBS provides the Bible at no cost; you are responsible only for the shipping cost. WBS will ship the Bible and invoice you for the amount.

That’s it!

Let your Students know that they will be receiving their Bible as soon as possible. Please allow 8 to 12 weeks for delivery through our WBS International Shipping service with USPS. Shipping times vary greatly by country. We also cannot track shipments once they leave the USA. As always, continue to encourage them to grow in faith and knowledge!

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NASB WBS Study Edition Bible

Order the NASB (1995) WBS Study Bible today.

Please read before you start!

To become a Study Helpers you must:
  1. Apply and be approved by WBS.
  2. Receive your confirmation email from WBS.
  3. Log into or the WBS App using the login credentials provided in the confirmation email.

If you have already been approved as a Study Helper you can log into the website or the app using your login credentials. Students can register directly on, the WBS App or WBS Lite.