WBS International Shipping

WBS International Shipping service works with the United States Postal Service to consolidate international mail for highly discounted air shipping rates—much lower than normal USPS, FedEx, UPS and DHL rates.

Send your packages to

WBS International Shipping #150
16110 Anderson Mill Rd
Cedar Park, Texas 78613 

The current rate of WBS International Shipping is $9.00 per pound.

Printed Lesson Study Helpers know that caring, prompt interaction is key to keeping students engaged in their Bible studies. WBS postal teaching depends on timely, reliable and affordable international shipping. 

Important Tips for International Shipping

  1. WBS International Shipping ships only media/ printed material, primarily WBS lessons
    and Bibles (no clothing, church supplies, household items, etc.).
  2. We cannot deliver domestic U.S. mail.
  3. We cannot track individual packages.
  4. There are generally only three reasons why a package does not reach a WBS student:
    a. It is “undeliverable”, due to an incorrect/incomplete/illegible mailing address.
    b. The student does not pick up their package at the local post office.
    c. Someone fraudulently takes it. (Nigeria and lately Kenya are particularly notorious for this.)
  5. For large shipments to a key contact person, be sure to let them know in advance. Let them know 2-3 weeks after you ship your materials to WBS. Tell them to inform their local post office that they are expecting a package and to continue checking with the post office until it arrives.
  6. WBS International Shipping delivers mail to the designated USPS injection point for that country. From that point the country’s internal postal system is responsible for delivering to the student’s address. Postal inefficiencies and disruptions in a country can delay the delivery.
  7. WBS International Shipping does not serve countries to which USPS is not shipping mail. To find current USPS information search online: “USPS international service alerts”.
  8. If you send WBS International Shipping a package that requires repackaging, label creation, etc., a small handling fee will be applied.
  9. WBS International Shipping will invoice you for each shipment as a customer of World Bible School.

Getting Started

  1. Prepare mail in accordance with guidance provided in the WBS Postal Program Guide.
  2. Legibly and accurately write the Student’s name and complete mailing address with the country name in CAPITAL LETTERS on each piece/envelope.
  3. Include a U.S. return mail address in the upper left corner of each piece/envelope. This address may be different from the address your student mails their answer sheets to, depending on the country they are in. If possible, use the P.O. Box number or mailing address for your congregation, not your home address. Also print your congregation’s WBS code number under your U.S return address (important for shipping/billing purposes). If you don’t have a WBS code number, call us at (512) 345-8190 to get one.
  4. Secure each piece/package as follows:
    1.  The Way to Life introduction lesson does not need an envelope. Address it and tape each corner and along the three page sides in accordance with the Postal Program Guide as shown here.
    2. For all other lessons/materials, secure envelope with packing tape. Scotch tape, envelope flap brads and seals are not adequate. Also securely tape every corner.
  5. Do not use staples.
  6. Sort individual pieces/envelopes into bundles by country.
  7. Place your individual pieces/envelopes into an envelope or box, and send to WBS International Shipping at the address listed below. Mail it using USPS (usually the cheapest option) or ship it via UPS or FedEx.

Mailing WBS Bibles

Order WBS Study Bibles and we will ship them to your Students.

  1. Send us:
    1. a mailing label with each Student’s name and address, with the country in CAPITAL LETTERS;
    2. a mailing label with your U.S. return mail address (including your WBS Code number).
  2. Or email us the above information and we will create labels for you.
  3. We will ship the WBS Study Bible. We will invoice you for the purchase and shipping.

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