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Action! September 2018

Have you noticed an emphasis on “power tools” as gift ideas for occasions like Father’s Day? Ads promote electric and fueled gear with amazing capabilities, from driving screws to clipping hedges. This Action! explores ideas for the far greater mission. We start with God’s inspired instrument, the Gospel—“the power of God for salvation” and “the surpassing power” (Romans 1:16; 2 Corinthians 4:7), upon which we cannot improve. But the Word acts on hearts that hear it, which requires us to be messengers and senders (Romans 10:8-15). These tools, then, are about delivering the saving Message.

Action! July 2018

Internet is “free” and “fast” compared with “snail-mail’s” delays and costs. Yet, due to volume, many more are being converted through printed lessons exchanged by mail.

Action! May 2018

What is the secret ingredient in the WBS recipe? What
makes it taste so good to over a million current participants?

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