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WBS Study Helpers are everyday Christians like you. They use our interactive lessons to encourage people who want to learn about the Bible as WBS Students.

Share Jesus anywhere you choose with WBS Connect.

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countries with people
studying the Bible


everyday Christians as WBS
Study Helpers


people studying; another
starts every 30 seconds


given to WBS lets
one soul study

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Someone needs you

People are seeking answers. They’re turning to the Bible and WBS. Many are waiting for a WBS Study Helper. Learn More.

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Anywhere. Anytime. Online.

Share Jesus with WBS tools from your computer or mobile phone, from home or the doctor’s office. Learn More.

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Target your outreach

Use WBS to reach your community. Or any mission point. Use WBS Connect to find seekers to teach. Learn More.

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Anyone can do this

WBS Study Helpers are everyday Christians of all ages. They want to help people know Jesus and the Bible. Learn More.

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Printed lessons teach millions

Most people in the world still depend on the printed page. Demand is high for those who want Bible lessons by mail. Learn More.

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About World Bible School

God continues to bless WBS. For decades, everyday Christians have helped those who want to learn. Learn More.