At the end of July of 2023, WBS marked 50 years of empowering the brotherhood to share Jesus. As we reflect upon how God has used forward-thinking Christians within our past, we are inspired to continue God’s work for the next 50 years and beyond. This is why we are celebrating Fifty Forward!

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Looking Back Through Years...


West Coast Christian

Jimmie Lovell’s initial West Coast Christian periodical envisions global impact of Bible correspondence courses.


Lawerence Ave church of Christ, Nashville, TN

Jimmie funds Bible correspondence courses for U.S. military in WWII by Nashville’s Lawrence Ave. church of Christ. C.A.O. Essien from Nigeria requests courses and is converted.


Gospel Spreads in Nigeria

Eldred Echols and Boyd Reese are the first missionaries to visit C.A.O. Essien. They confirm Essien and his trainees had converted approximately 10,000 to Christ, started 60 congregations and several training schools.

Read the full article on C.A.O. Essien


ACTION Published

Jimmie publishes Action promoting world evangelism and West Coast Christian Publishing begins non-profit incorporation (CA).

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Bible Correspondence Grows

Jimmie Lovell and Howard Cox receive 100 African names from D. Pennick and R. Kruse and 100 Caribbean names from J. Meyers. Their Torrance congregation’s program soon grows to 50 Study Helpers and 2,000 Students.

Learn more about Postal Correspondence


Jimmie Lovell Launches World Bible School

Jimmie applies the name "World Bible School" to church-wide involvement in Bible correspondence course evangelism.

Read Lovell's Article on World Bible School


Student Enrollment Reaches 400,000

Jimmie Lovell records in ACTION that WBS had started 400,000 Bible studies since its inception.


Reuel Lemmons Joins WBS

Reuel Lemmons joins Jimmie in producing ACTION from Austin, TX.


Student Enrollment Reaches 600,000

WBS reports 600,000 Students and 22,000 baptisms since its inception.


First American Supported for WBS Follow-up

Jake Coppinger becomes the first American supported for WBS Follow-up.

Learn more about our Follow-up program


WBS Incorporated as Non-profit

WBS in Austin, TX incorporates as non-profit (TX) and holds its first board meeting.


Reuel Lemmons Appointed Director of WBS

Reuel Lemmons is appointed Director of WBS. Jimmie Lovell, 87, passes away to his reward.


First WBS Missionaries

John Reese family are first U.S. missionaries devoting full-time to WBS Follow-up on the field.


Tex Williams Appointed Director of WBS

Tex Williams is appointed director of WBS.


Reese Family Moves to Texas

John and Beth Reese family moves from South Africa to Austin, TX to assist Tex full-time in WBS. John Reese named assistant director the following year.


WBS Begins Advertising on Internet

WBS begings advertising on Internet and offering courses via email.

Learn more about our Online platform


WBS Moves to Cedar Park, Texas

WBS moves into its own office building in Cedar Park, TX.


Business Reply Mail Initiated in Zimbabwe

Business Reply Mail (BRM) initiated first in Zimbabwe, later in Malawi and Sierra Leone.


WBS Master Series Completed

WBS Master Series completed with six main courses.


The Way to Life

"The Way to Life" Produced for the Master Series

The Way to Life produced as introduction to the Master Series.

WBS Courses Translated into Portuguese

Charlie Huffman has WBS lessons translated into Portuguese in Brazil.

John Reese Becomes 4th WBS President

Tex Williams retires. John Reese appointed as fourth WBS president.


WBS Produces Children's Courses

WBS produces its first children’s courses. Included in the series: Becoming Friends, Growing as Friends and Friends Forever.


New Student Enrollment Exceeds 1 Million

Amid the worldwide economic downturn, WBS enrollment exceeds 1 million Students in a year.

WBS Courses Translated Into French

French translation of the Master Series is completed.


Entire Master Series Launched Online

Entire Master Series launched as interactive courses online.

Learn more about our Online platform

Muslim Courses Completed

WBS Launches new Muslim courses that can be inserted within the Master Series.


WBS Connect Launched

Release of WBS Connect, targeted advertising by congregations and individuals.

Learn more about Connect


WBS Online Redesigned

WBS redesigns online teaching and information systems.

Learn more about our Online platform


New WBS Logo

WBS releases new logo and branding.

WBS Starts Digital Scanning

WBS begins to digitally scan and send Students answers sheets from Zimbabwe.

Learn about our digital scanning program, Ocean Bridge


Ruth Orr Memorial Wall of Honor

Ruth Orr Memorial Wall of Honor instituted at Cedar Park office.

Ghana PREP Begins

Ghana PREP (Partners in Religious Education Project) begins, engaging U.S. Study Helpers through two-way scanning.

Learn about our digital scanning program, Ocean Bridge


WBS Courses Translated Into Indonesian

Indonesian translation of the Master Series is completed.


ESV WBS Study Bible Introduced

English Standard Version (ESV) WBS Study Bible introduced; 60,000 sold in first year.

Browse our WBS Study Bibles

Guide to New Testament Christianity Printed

WBS releases Guide to New Testament Christianity

WBS Courses Translated Into Swahili

Swahili translation of the Master Series is completed.


New Countries Scanning Answer Sheets

Fifteen countries scan WBS course answers to U.S. Study Helpers, reducing Postal delays.

Learn about our digital scanning program, Ocean Bridge

Printing of First Supplemental Courses

WBS releases Lord Teach Us to Pray and Test the Spirits

WBS Receives First Estate Gift Over $1 Million

WBS blessed to receive its first ever estate give over $1 million.

View our Estate Planning brochure

WBS Formalizes Online Follow-up Partners System

WBS formalizes an online system, named "Follow-up," to help WBS Students be baptized and find a local congregation.

Learn more about our Follow-up program


WBS Launches "Bibles for Millions"

WBS launches Bibles for Millions campaign to get 1 million Bibles in the hands of those who need the Gospel.

Give a the Bible to someone today

Mathetis Launched

WBS unveils its new discipling and teaching tool Mathetis, along with two video Bible study courses, Wondering What to Believe and In Need of a Savior.

Learn more about Mathetis

Tex Williams Passes Away

Tex William passes away at 91 to his heavenly reward.

First Ever $1 Million Gift

WBS receives its first ever $1 million gift.

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Mathetis Assists COVID Shut-ins

Public launch of Mathetis provides solution for Covid shut-ins, including an entire Christian school.

Learn more about Mathetis

WBS Adds Additional Bible Curriculum

WBS Publishes several Bible curriculum courses.

Browse all curriculum

Mathetis Adds Author Partners

Mathetis adds several new courses from its author partners. Authors include: Apologetics Press, Dan Winkler, Ripple of Light and more.

Browse all courses

WBS Launches Estate Planning Initiatives

WBS launches program helping individuals with their estate planning.

View our Estate Planning brochure


WBS Updates Online Platform

WBS online platform reengineered to enable future growth and additional tools.

Learn more about our Online platform

Seeking the Family of God

Mathetis adds third Mathetis Original course, Seeking the Family of God.

WBS Launches WBS Lite

WBS launches WBS Lite, an app Students can download to enroll in WBS Online and install the courses directly to their smartphone for offline access. Available on Google Play.

Learn more about our Online platform


Brian Davis Becomes 5th WBS President

Brian Davis becomes fifth president of WBS. John Reese retires to become first President Emeritus.

"10,000,000 for Christ" Campaign Launched

WBS “10,000,000 for Christ” campaign looks to offer 10 million Bible studies to seekers and raise $10,000,000 in 2022 and 2023.

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WBS App Dashboard

WBS Launches WBS App

WBS launches the WBS App on the App Store and Google Play. Provides full access to courses, quizzes and the WBS Study Bible. WBS App initially released for Students. Study Helpers were able to use the app the following year.

Learn more about our Online platform


World Bible School’s 50th Anniversary

WBS celebrates its 50th anniversary by taking a trip across the country.

WBS Launches Ocean Bridge

Ocean Bridge enhances correspondence between Study Helpers and international Students utilizing updated digital scanning technology.

Learn more about Ocean Bridge

"10,000,000 for Christ" Exceeds Expectations

10,000,000 for Christ goal exceeds expectations by offering a Bible study to 14,873,194 souls. 2,757,003 individuals chose to start a study between 2022 and 2023.

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WBS Launches “50 Forward” Campaign

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