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To share Jesus with the world by motivating and equipping a global network of Christians to use interactive Bible studies effectively.

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What is World Bible School?

WBS is one of the most proven, cost-effective means of equipping Christians to fulfill the Great Commission. The ministry has taught millions of truth seekers by mobilizing tens of thousands of everyday, volunteer Christians.

WBS is a ministry of the churches of Christ. With no denominational affiliation, the churches of Christ seek simply to be New Testament Christians who joyfully call all people to be one in Christ. The Bible is our only rule of faith, and we seek to pattern ourselves after the teachings of Jesus, His apostles, and the inspired writings of the New Testament.

WBS teaching is something Christians of all ages can do on their own. Congregations can use WBS tools to equip their members and involve them in evangelism. WBS can even help congregations connect with seekers in their community or anywhere on earth!

WBS teachers provide Bible lessons to Students, encourage them and guide them to grow in faith and knowledge. They can share Jesus on web-based platforms such as our Online Lessons and Mathetis. They can also use our Printed Lessons which is like becoming a spiritual “pen pal”. WBS can often help teachers connect students with local Christians for further study, fellowship and even baptism.

WBS lessons share the knowledge of who God is, who we are, and why we are here. They share the authority of the Bible as the inspired Word of God. They share the Good News of Jesus – God’s Son, God with us – and how to have a relationship with Him. They share Jesus’ plan of salvation culminating with baptism for the remission of sins. They share how Jesus adds newborn Christians to His church and how this becomes our new spiritual family. Finally, they share how to grow into a spiritually mature person, living a life of love just like Jesus!


"We are making more converts worldwide through World Bible School than through all other methods combined. That’s not the only thing, but it’s the point of contact, and that is crucial."
Dr. Flavil Yeakley
Church Historian and Demographer
"As we train preachers and other church leaders in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, we are finding that many of them were converted through WBS materials and a number of the churches they work with were planted using those materials."
Truitt Adair
Sunset International Bible Institute
"WBS has long been a mainstay of evangelism in Africa. My research shows that one third of Nigerian churches were started as a direct result of WBS. Fully three out of every four members of churches of Christ were at one time WBS Students!"
Dr. Wendell Broom
Retired Missionary, Professor
"WBS Study Helpers do the teaching and we do the reaching. Mission work is about seeking and saving the lost. WBS finds the open doors for us free of charge. Partnering with WBS is a smart way of doing mission work."
George Funk
Gospel Chariot Missions in Perth, Australia

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