Connect helps you share the Gospel using Printed and Online Lessons within your local or mission communities. Team up with your congregation and fellow Christians or create campaigns on your own to spread the Gospel to your targeted locations.


Connect partners you and your congregation with WBS advertising efforts to find souls wanting to study the Bible. Students who register through your WBS Campaign or Target Area are automatically added to your designated Student Board waiting to be taught.

WBS Campaigns

Create a custom URL to invite seekers to WBS for a free Bible study. Share the URL within your evangelistic outreach efforts. Place the URL on business cards, weekly bulletins, billboards, marquees, websites or any other outreach media used by you or your congregation.

Target Area

WBS runs paid advertisements online to target people from around the world who are searching for Bible studies. Create a target around your local or mission communities to be able to adopt and follow up with Students who live in these areas.

Connect Campaign Ideas

Designs like these are available to download and print after creating a WBS Campaign for your congregation.

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Frequently asked questions


As a Study Helper within Online Lessons you can look for people from around the world to teach from the public list of newly enrolled students called the Student Board. You can be more proactive finding and teaching your own WBS students by creating a WBS Campaign. When you create your own campaign, you can begin to share it anywhere! Students who enroll using your campaign will appear on a student list available only to you to teach.

Churches and other groups

Members of “groups” work together to find and teach their own WBS Students. When an individual becomes a WBS Study Helper, his or her congregation becomes their default group within the Online Lesson platform. New Study Helpers from your congregation are automatically added to the group. Any WBS Study Helpers can create additional groups—a small group, family, youth group or others—and invite others to join them. A congregation or group begins using WBS Connect when its originator creates a WBS Campaign or Target Area.

No, you can offer both Printed and Online Lessons. Online Lessons is simple to get started quickly. One can apply now to be an online Study Helper and begin helping students waiting on the online “Student Board”. A group can create WBS Campaigns and Target Areas immediately and start seeking its own students.

Printed Lessons remain in high demand around the world including the United States. Until your Printed Lessons program is up and running, you can easily move those students to the general Student Board where other Study Helpers will quickly adopt them. Please contact us if you have any questions.

There is no cost for:

  • individuals to become online study helpers
  • individuals or groups to get their own Connect Web Address for enrolling students
  • a church or other group to be created
  • art files for printing, customized with a group’s Connect Web Address
  • a group creating multiple campaigns, each with custom Connect Web Addresses, for more
    targeted, more comprehensive outreach.

There are, however, costs to consider for successful Connect outreach:

  • out-of-pocket costs for printing, advertising (e.g. classified ads, radio), WBS Managed Mailers
    and other direct mail, etc.
  • acquiring a small inventory of WBS lesson booklets and budgeting for mailing costs with WBS postal teaching.
  1. Understand the commitment and costs of supplying Printed Lessons when needed and plan accordingly.
  2. Be proactive, involving your congregation’s members in both the promotion efforts and teaching as Study Helpers.
  3. Get your congregation’s leaders on board. Connect can be a grass-roots effort by just one Christian or a small group of Christians. But for greater involvement and long term success, it is most helpful when a congregation’s leadership is also committed.
  4. Be prayerful and persistent. Plant the seeds and God will provide the growth.

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Please read before you start!

To become a Study Helpers you must:
  1. Apply and be approved by WBS.
  2. Receive your confirmation email from WBS.
  3. Log into or the WBS App using the login credentials provided in the confirmation email.

If you have already been approved as a Study Helper you can log into the website or the app using your login credentials. Students can register directly on, the WBS App or WBS Lite.

Our goal is to reach 10,000,000 souls with the good news of Jesus by the end of 2023.
We cannot do it without you!