Building with Spanish Missions


Carlos Hernandez
Jacaleapa, El Paraiso, Honduras
Spanish Support Associate


World Bible School is an international organization that provides Bible Correspondence studies with Christian Study Helpers. Our Spanish speaking countries are not an exception. We have an exceptional curriculum which helps our Students grow in their knowledge of the Scriptures and provides them with the opportunity to connect to local congregations and local Christians who are always willing to help.  

We are now excited to announce our strategic partnership with Spanish Missions, a work that was started by Bro. Larry White and overseen by the Jackson Street church of Christ eldership in Monroe, LA. Also, Bro. Chase Turner has helped develop the online resources of Spanish Missions.

Bro. White has worked for over 50 years, developing Bible Materials and courses for Christian Workers. He recorded lessons in tape form (now available in downloadable MP3 files). He provided study booklets for these lessons and provided these lessons on websites for online students. 

Jeff Jenkins and Marcus McKee discuss partnership with Spanish Missions during WBS Board Meeting.
Jeff Jenkins and Marcus McKee discuss partnership with Spanish Missions during WBS Board Meeting.

We are so grateful for the work Bro. White did for many years. And we thank the elders at Jackson St, in Monroe for partnering with us as WBS provides an ever growing number of Spanish Bible courses to a Spanish speaking society who needs and seeks for God’s truth. 

Please, pray for this synergy plan. Pray that our God may continue to use these wonderful resources, the willing hearts of our Study Helpers, our Technology department and church leaders who will have great benefits through these studies.

Do you know how to speak Spanish

You can be a part of this partnership by applying as an online Study Helper to assist our Spanish-speaking Students. Apply today!

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