Motorcycles, RVs and more…

Martha Eichelberger
Martha Eichelberger

Martha Eichelberger was always one to encourage the spreading of the Gospel wherever she could. Martha’s late husband Ed, was the chairman of my first overseeing congregation as I began training to become a missionary. After Ed’s passing, Martha worked tirelessly with me in a church planting work to establish the Lord’s church in the Inner City of Chattanooga, TN. At one point, Martha won a Harley Davidson motorcycle in some competition. Martha didn’t see herself riding down the road on a Harley, so she donated it to the Lord’s work to advance the Gospel!

Over the last few years, Martha always sent encouraging notes and support to WBS so that the name of Jesus could be known around the world. In her mid-90’s, Martha finally went on to her eternal reward. Sondra and I were able to attend her memorial visitation in Chattanooga, TN in November 2022. And in her usual fashion, Martha had left instructions for all memorials to be sent to WBS so that – even at her passing – people could be learning about Jesus! I can picture Martha in heaven surrounded by those she taught about Jesus.

North Main church of Christ in Weatherford, Texas visits WBS
WBS Guest from North Main church of Christ

Speaking of super-teachers… who rents an RV and plans a road trip to visit the WBS offices and warehouse in Cedar Park, Texas? Fired-up WBS Study Helpers from the North Main church of Christ in Weatherford, Texas is who! These teachers encouraged our whole staff with their visit and tour of the WBS headquarters. Though a cold and rainy day, they brought a ray of sunshine into our hearts with their visit!

Bob Newsom and Brian Rex Davis
Bob Newsom and Brian Rex Davis

At WBS, we often refer to certain individuals as super-teachers. These are special people who teach many WBS Students, but who also involve many others within their own congregations in WBS outreach. Bob Newsom (left) and his wife Lila coordinated WBS at my home congregation for many years. Recently, Bob called me and asked me to help him get a WBS program started at a new congregation where he now attends with his daughter. That is the thing about WBS super-teachers, they never stop sharing Jesus and always involve others in doing the same! Thank you Bob!

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