The WBS Lessons

WBS’ core lessons are known as the Master Series.

WBS core lessons are known as the “Master Series.” They shine Scripture’s light on the basics of God, His Son, His Gospel of grace, His church and His new way of life. The lessons aim to “make disciples” by letting God’s Word develop in each student an informed, personal faith that obeys the Gospel and enjoys a growing, fruitful relationship with the Lord.

The Way to Life

The Bible is like a map for living, providing direction and purpose for every person, everywhere. Why consider the Bible? Is it trustworthy? Can it truly address my every need?

God Has Spoken

God reveals Himself and His will for you in the Bible. What does God say about Himself? How can I be “right with God”?

This Is Good News!

God’s message in the Bible is “good news”. How should I respond to it? What is faith that “saves”?

Knowing Jesus

Jesus makes remarkable promises to those who “know” Him. Is Jesus God’s Son? Is He alive today? How can I know Jesus?

Born of Water and Spirit

Jesus speaks of being “born again” to live a new life. Can I really have a fresh start in life? How can I face life and death with assurance?

The Family of God

God has chosen a family of His very own, and He wants you to be a part of it. Who has God chosen? What does the word “church” really mean? What is His purpose for my life?

Live a Life of Love

God offers every person a new purpose and a joyful life. How does He want me to live? Is there real spiritual power at work in my life? How can I help others?