Printed Lesson Resources

These resources are for WBS teachers and coordinators. Contact us for questions.

WBS Postal Program Guide

Learn more about how to teach with WBS Postal lessons in the WBS Postal Program Guide.

WBS Student Retention Suggestions

Try these ideas to keep your students studying longer.

Kenya Postal Codes

If you are sending WBS lessons to Kenya, be sure to include your student’s applicable 5-digit postal code in their mailing address to help speed delivery. If you don’t know their code, you can find it at the link below.

Zimbabwe Post Box Updates

This is an updated list of closed or alternate mailboxes for Zimbabwe students.

WBS International Shipping

Address all your bulk mail to “WBS International Shipping” for shipping rates below traditional international shipping costs. Download this PDF for important instructions to ensure a timely delivery.

Material Order Form

See available lessons, certificates, etc. (and prices) for use in your postal teaching program.

Welcome Letters

Customize one of these Microsoft Word letters for you referral or non-referral students.

Teacher's Guide and Grading Keys

This one document provides the keys to all WBS Master Series courses in color-coded, easy-to-use format.

Recordkeeping Sheet

Print out and keep student records by hand, or use on your computer.

Bookmark Template

Use this template to print a bookmark for your student on heavy cardstock. Don’t forget to write their name on it.

Service Center/In-Country Mail Box Addresses

Identifies where WBS students in selected countries return their completed postal lessons.

The Tools

Millions of seekers study the Bible with World Bible School. They rely on thousands of everyday Christians who use the WBS tools to share the Good News of Jesus.

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  2. Receive your confirmation email from WBS.
  3. Log into or the WBS App using the login credentials provided in the confirmation email.

If you have already been approved as a Study Helper you can log into the website or the app using your login credentials. Students can register directly on, the WBS App or WBS Lite.

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