The Journey of Menti and Daizy to Becoming Christians

At World Bible School, we are privileged to witness the transformative power of the Gospel in the lives of people from all walks of life. The story of Menti and Daizy from Ficksburg, South Africa, is a testament to the life-changing impact of God’s love and grace even in some of the most remote areas of our world.

After Daizy completed multiple WBS courses within our Master Series, she sent a request to her Study Helper to be baptized. Using our Follow-up System, Brother Amos in South Africa coordinated with Brother Frans to travel two hours to Ficksburg to baptize Daizy. As Brother Frans arrived, he encountered a surprise – Daizy’s husband Menti was also a WBS Student, studying with a different Study Helper. He was also interested becoming a Christian.

Baptism of Menti John Mokwena
Baptism of Menti John Mokwena

After Brother Frans studied with both Daizy and Menti, they both were baptized into Christ. Daizy and Menti’s spiritual growth did not end with their baptisms. Brother Frans helped the couple establish ways to integrate themselves into the nearest congregation despite the distance between Ficksburg and the local church.

Menti and Daizy’s journey to becoming Christians reminds us of the power of the Gospel to change lives, no matter where one may find themselves. We at World Bible School are grateful for the opportunity to share the Gospel and connect seekers to Jesus and His church from all over the globe.

Baptism of Daizy Mangaka Mokwena
Baptism of Daizy Mangaka Mokwena

We celebrate with Menti and Daizy and pray that their faith continues to grow stronger as the Gospel is spread to Ficksburg, South Africa.

If you would like to help share the Gospel to seekers like Daizy and Menti, sign up to become a Study Helper and adopt Students who are ready to study God’s Word.

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