Action! January 2020

Remembering R.H. “Tex” Williams

Tex Williams graduated to glory on October 23, 2019. World Bible School’s current chairman, Howard Norton, sent this message:
This is another

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Action! November 2019

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus lays foundational concepts for His Kingdom. His conclusion sums up that foundation: “Everyone then who hears these words

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Action! July 2019

Many think of Jesus as “meek and mild” by which they mean “weak and soft.” Artists reinforce this image, but it is not drawn from

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Action! May 2019

If anyone doubts that moral darkness envelopes our world, look no further than recent headlines. The New York Senate voted 38-24 to allow abortion up

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Action! March 2019

1,321,846 new postal students enrolled with WBS in 2018! How should we interpret such numbers? The best lenses are the Parable of the Sower (Matthew

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Action! January 2019

Welcome to the inaugural year of Bibles for Millions! In 2019, Action! emphasizes God’s Word, beginning with vivid pictures of rain and water.

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Action! November 2018

Isn’t it amazing, the way today’s world works? Many people seem glued to digital devices. What are they looking at? Messages, images, searches, news, information,

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Action! September 2018

Have you noticed an emphasis on “power tools” as gift ideas for occasions like Father’s Day? Ads promote electric and fueled gear with amazing capabilities,

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Action! July 2018

Internet is “free” and “fast” compared with “snail-mail’s” delays and costs. Yet, due to volume, many more are being converted through printed lessons exchanged by

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