Action! November 2022

The second letter in WBS stands for “Bible”. In reality, this is the most important word in our ministry’s name. The Word of God is a gift so precious, the Bible says of it, “I rejoice at Your word as one who finds great treasure.” (Psalms 119:162 NKJV)

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Action! September 2022

Would you like to see the world move past strife and division, and discover unity and harmony? This world, ruled by Satan, is not likely to make much progress. But in the Kingdom of Christ, progress can and is being made! This is because Jesus makes all things new (2 Corinthians 5:17). Satan’s barriers are broken when we bow our knees to the rule of Jesus!

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Action! May 2022

As life’s questions of purpose, happiness and human suffering are considered, I see more and more people looking for a rock on which to stand. No longer are the shifting sands of relativism satisfying discerning minds.

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Action! March 2022

I believe that Jesus knew we would have to INNOVATE to accomplish His Great Commission. We never “innovate” with the inspired Word of God in which we are GROUNDED. Rather, we innovate to GROW in our ability to reach the whole world with the Good News of Jesus!

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Action! January 2022

The young man on this issue’s cover is one of my WBS students in Zambia. When I first met him, he did not know God has spoken. Nor did he know that God gives us a guide to New Testament Christianity in His Word.

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Action! November 2021

If you are familiar with World Bible School’s supplemental courses (see page 6), you know how God values covenants. “Covenant” conveys commitment to the relationship, stability and assurance.

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Action! September 2021

The Bylaws of the World Bible School Board of Directors introduce the WBS president’s role as follows: The President shall be the chief executive officer of the Corporation. The President shall take a leading role in developing, with the Board, the vision, direction and strategic plan of World Bible School in consultation with the Management Team.

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Action! July 2021

Jesus knew who He was. His identity had been re-affirmed at His baptism and transfiguration, and His disciples recognized His majesty (Luke 3:22; 9:20, 35). Jesus knew that suffering awaited Him (Luke 9:22). Yet He set His face toward Jerusalem and His execution.

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