Souls Added in Zambia Prisons

Zambia Team 2023: Melvin Kalinmanshila – driver Jimmy – Thomas Sakala – Rodgers Chuulu – David Harper with WBS and Concord Road church of Christ in Brentwood, Tennessee.

Over three decades ago, Ruth Orr with Church Street in Lewisburg, TN studied with WBS Students in Zambia Africa. Today those same Students who obeyed the Gospel have shared the Good News with thousands in their country of Zambia. Thomas Sakala, Rodgers Chuulu, and Melvin Kalinmanshila share lessons in 11 different prisons from Livingston in the South, North to Chingola in the Copperbelt and East to Serenje. Teachers with Concord Road church of Christ in Brentwood, Tennessee partner and support these brothers in the work. In September alone, there were 87 baptisms in just three of the maximum-security prisons. With the development of Ocean Bridge and God’s continued blessings, we expect this effort to be shared with many thousands of those who hunger for the hope they are desperately searching for.

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