Opportunities to Share the Gospel During the COVID-19 Pandemic

World Bible School has been and will continue to be conscious and prayerful for the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and the present effects it has had on our nation and world. We understand this can be a time of pain, fear and frustration for so many people. However, we also believe God has a unique way of caring for His Church and for souls across the globe in the midst of challenges and suffering.

Due to this situation many more people are at home. The level of online search volume will rise as a result of people having more time and opportunity. Many searches may include an “online Bible study” or other terms people use looking for Bible topics.

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, you can SHARE JESUS! Digital technology gives you the ability to reach for and form relationships with people in your neighborhood and around the world.

WBS Tools

1. We are doubling search ad investment in the USA. More students will register. We may have more willing to continue their studies.

2. WBS will help fund your web ads balance. If you commit to adopt everyone on your student board, we will gift you a balance increase to meet that need. If you cannot adopt, we will move registered students to the general board so they can be adopted. Contact us at help@worldbibleschool.net with your congregation name to request funding.

3. Use your personal URL or Traditional URL to share with friends on social media. You have this tool right now to share WBS and register students to your congregation or to your personal account.

If you would like more information or if you have any questions, you can email us at help@worldbibleschool.net or use our online chat located in the bottom right of your screen.

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Please read before you start!

To become a Study Helpers you must:
  1. Apply and be approved by WBS.
  2. Receive your confirmation email from WBS.
  3. Log into worldbibleschool.org or the WBS App using the login credentials provided in the confirmation email.

If you have already been approved as a Study Helper you can log into the website or the app using your login credentials. Students can register directly on worldbibleschool.org, the WBS App or WBS Lite.