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People all over the world search online for a Bible study and find WBS. Students are waiting for someone like you to adopt them as their Study Helper and guide them along their faith journey. Online Lessons guide Students through the “Master Series” courses. 

Teach the Gospel on Any Device

Online Lessons connect you to our global network of Students and Study Helpers.

There are multiple ways to access Online Lessons. You can use both your computer and mobile devices to adopt Students, view course progress and grade lessons.

Teach from your computer by logging into or your mobile device by downloading the WBS App from the App Store or Google Play. Each device gives you the same access and abilities. This makes it easy to switch between devices if you want to teach while on the go.

Use Any Device


Students, Study Helpers, and Follow-up can access Online Lessons by visiting


Prefer to use your phone? Students and Study Helpers can download and use the WBS App.

Wbs Lite

Students with limited connectivity can study offline using WBS Lite. Students can link to WhatsApp for added features.

Frequently asked questions

Click here to open our Study Helper application, which has a few short questions. After we have reviewed and accepted your application you will receive an invitation to create an account. Once you have created an account, you will have access to our WBS “Student Board” which shows all the students awaiting someone to study with them.

It’s up to you. You’ll spend 10 to 15 minutes responding to a Student’s completed lesson, but not all Students go through the entire course. Once your teaching effort is fully up and running, each week you could spend from 20 minutes to an hour to as much as you like.

You are in control. Choose to adopt as many students as you like. You can start off gradually to get an idea of how much time it will take. You’ll spend 10 to 15 minutes respondent to a Students completed lesson, but not all Students go through the entire course. If it becomes to much for you, let us know and we can reassign your Students to another Study Helper.

No. You’ll grade the Student’s multiple choice questions with a grading key. The specific Bible passages you need are quoted within each lesson. We also include suggestions for encouraging comments to add to their discussion questions or to leave as a personal note. You will, however, have ample opportunity to teach as you encourage.

Teaching students online requires no additional cost to you. WBS donors cover all cost associated with advertising and developing the tools to teach someone online. Click here to give.

If you adopt a Student requesting Printed Lessons you will need a basic understanding of the system and acquire a small inventory of WBS lessons. Many times one’s congregation will pay for the costs of lessons and mailing. Contact us if you have any questions.


Our Follow-up program is vital for the success of WBS. Follow-up helps WBS students get in-touch with local congregations so that they can begin their new walk with Christ.


"When I stumbled onto your website, it opened up the world for me. I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ brought me to your site to be saved. As a WBS Student, I found myself lost in the Word of God and soaking it up like a sponge. May God bless you and the staff of WBS."
Student from United States
"Being a WBS Study Helper is amazing! I'm thrilled to actually feel like a solid tool for the Lord. Not all Students keep going like I would hope, but a lot of them do. WBS can significantly impact the world for the Lord. If I—a 39-year old, fully employed husband and father—can teach over 80 Students, think of what 100 more people at my church can do."
Study Helper from Tennessee
"When I was fifteen, I started studying the Bible with my WBS Study Helper. She has taught me and taken care of me until now. She is the best thing that has happened to me because she showed me the love of God, and now I am a Christian. I study God’s Word every day from the Bible she gave me. The happiest day of my life was the day I gave my life to Christ! Thank you very much for the great work you are doing for the Lord and for WBS Students."
Student from Ghana
"It is a joy to study with sincere WBS Students that want to study the Bible. Believe me the time is well spent. Many Students are so excited to study the Bible lessons! The Great Commission is still for me. I love being able to study with Students from all around the world with WBS. It’s a wonderful experience!"
Study Helper from New Mexico

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Please read before you start!

To become a Study Helpers you must:
  1. Apply and be approved by WBS.
  2. Receive your confirmation email from WBS.
  3. Log into or the WBS App using the login credentials provided in the confirmation email.

If you have already been approved as a Study Helper you can log into the website or the app using your login credentials. Students can register directly on, the WBS App or WBS Lite.