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Teach Printed Lessons with Ocean Bridge

Use Printed Lessons to teach international Students without the need for postal systems. Ocean Bridge increases the volume, speed and retention of our international Printed Lesson Students.

What do you need to get started?


High-speed connection is required to send and receive scanned Student answer sheets.

Printer & Scanner

A duplex printer and two-sided scanner is needed to print, grade and scan answer sheets.

Study Helpers

It's about building a relationship and sharing Jesus! Gather people to start grading courses!

Cost for Ocean Bridge

Ocean Bridge’s pricing model replaces previous the expenses for courses, certificates and postage with a simple cost per scanned answer sheet.

This covers WBS cost to:

  • Print the Master Series in country
  • Maintain WBS international service centers
  • Process and deliver Students’ courses and answer sheets
  • Recruit new Students
  • Follow up for baptism requests and Bible studies
  • Develop technology to increase scanning capacity
  • Invest in additional locations to establish Ocean Bridge

Invest in Fruitful Seekers

Compare the savings of Ocean Bridge to our traditional postal  process of teaching international Students:

Thanks to partnerships with various schools, prisons and preaching schools, we are seeing high retention rates with Ocean Bridge Students.

A Solution for International Postal Coorespondence

The Prattville church of Christ in Alabama began sending WBS Introduction courses to five countries in April 2022. One year after sending 5,000 Intros through international mail, they have yet to receive back one completed Introduction course. 

As you may expect, this discouraged the Elders, Study Helpers, and the WBS Coordinators, Kent Dobbs and Mike Manley. We have heard this story from others. Perhaps you have been experiencing long delays. Maybe you have been feeling the pinch of increasing shipping costs. In some countries, postal systems are struggling to recover in a post-COVID world. These problems are outside the control of WBS.  

However, with enormous challenges, God provides bigger opportunities. WBS has been blessed to print our courses in Ghana, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria, with more coming. Having local inventory, WBS can now digitally scan and send Student answer sheets to a congregation. The congregation can print, grade, and scan the graded sheets back to WBS. Then, the next course will be delivered to the Student by WBS with the graded sheet, thus eliminating postal mail. 

Tim Yaeger sets up Ocean Bridge at the Prattville church of Christ
Tim Yaeger sets up Ocean Bridge at the Prattville church of Christ

The Prattville church of Christ started this new method called Ocean Bridge in January 2023. After setting up their scanning equipment, they have graded 5,800 introductions and 2,000 subsequent courses in four months. Wow, from zero to 7,800 graded courses and 30 baptism requests! Kent now calls excited about how much grading the Study Helpers are doing and he wants to see more congregations involved. 

Do you want to share in this exciting new method? Your congregation will instantly benefit from a 100% enrollment rate receiving completed Intros immediately. You will experience up to 80% retention in some areas because WBS recruiters work with schools, prisons, and local congregations. Over the course of your WBS program, a postal Student would cost at least $21 to complete the Master Series, but in this new method, it will only cost $10. 

Together we will bridge oceans, reduce the need for postal systems and improve the evangelism experience for you and your Students.

Estimated Budgets

We have created an estimated yearly cost based on our projected conversion rates. You will always have control over how many Students you request and the funds you invest.

Ready to start Ocean Bridge?

If you want to energize your Study Helpers and Coordinators by starting your own Printed Lessons program with Ocean Bridge, you can reach out to Tim Yaeger or Sherri Hays. Use this form, email us at or call (800) 311-2006. We are here to help you every step of the way. 

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