Nigeria Embraces 50 Forward


Brian Rex Davis
Cedar Park, TX
WBS ACTION! Editor and President


Join us in our 50 Forward celebration! We’re celebrating 50 years of World Bible School and entering new doors that God is opening for our next 50 years. But first, let me illustrate the power of God at work right now through WBS and His people around the world. Sondra and I recently returned from Nigeria where our Nigerian brethren hosted us at the Great Workshop at Nigerian Christian Bible College in the southern part of the country. This annual event gathers Christians from throughout Nigeria (and beyond) to pray, plan, encourage and motivate each other to effectively spread the Gospel using WBS tools. They are dedicated to growing the Lord’s church in this teeming nation of 230 million. Let me tell you with pictures…

  1. Imagine 600 church leaders gathering in one place with the sole focus of following up with and converting WBS Students around the country! Nigeria is currently our most receptive nation, having topped our Student counts for over a year now. Brian Rex Davis addressing a crowd of ministers in Nigeria
  2. WBS’s beginnings were in Nigeria, where Jimmie Lovell mailed simple Bible lessons to seekers—and the work burgeoned. Monday John Akpakpan and his wife began as a WBS Follow-up worker in 1973—the year the ministry officially began—continuing to this day. Monday John was the senior exhorter at the workshop. Pictures of Monday Akapkpan and his wife from Nigeria, and picture of Brian Rex Davis and Monday Akpakpan
  3. These days, Nigerian youths are eager to study God’s Word. At a local high school, several students and school staff were awarded their WBS graduation certificate and a WBS Study Bible. Local evangelists of the churches of Christ were on hand to help these students in follow-up (to be baptized and/or finding a local congregation). Brian Rex Davis delivering certificate to Nigerian Student
  4. As has happened countless times since then, a WBS Student had completed the Master Series and requested baptism. I was blessed to be able to baptize James at a seminar I was teaching. Praise God! Nigeria is just one nation among many where WBS is exhibiting renewed growth as we build on the incredible history of the last 50 years. God is truly at work!

Man from Nigeria baptized into Christ


WBS has marked 50 years of empowering Christians to share Jesus with the world. As we reflect upon how God has used forward-thinking Christians within our past, we are inspired to continue God’s work for the next 50 years and beyond. This is why we’re celebrating Fifty Forward. We’ll be letting you know more in the months to come. Right now, we need your help by giving to WBS. A gift earlier in the year helps us do more, more quickly, to replicate what is happening in Nigeria and in other countries. Souls are eager to know Jesus. We need generous Christians who are eager to reach them.

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