Getting Back Underway & Tackling New Challenges



Congregations are meeting again! Thank you, Lord, for seeing us through the COVID years. Has your congregation re-started your evangelism program using World Bible School tools? If you need our help, please contact us at 512-345-8190. We are here for you.

Earlier this year, I was visiting with the Campbell Street church of Christ in Jackson, Tennessee. Pictured here you see one of their faithful Study Helpers sending our lessons for students around the world. Faithful evangelism programs change the world! I just received a text from an elder of the Oldham Lane church of Christ in Abilene, Texas where he reported 94 students in their prison ministry (which uses WBS courses) were baptized since January. Lives are being changed!

New Challenges
As you have experienced new challenges this year, WBS is also experiencing a few as well. Paper shortages and costs have challenged us to get out ACTION! Magazine in our usual way. The July issue is only in digital format as we are working through these challenges, but we are planning to resume printing in September with a special 12-page issue. Thank you for your prayers and patience! One opportunity with this challenge is the development of another great way of connecting with new ACTION! Magazine readers. If you would like to receive ACTION! Magazine digitally, click here. And please share this issue with others!

Coming Soon
We are working on a WBS Evangelism Tools catalog where we detail the wonderful tools available through WBS for sharing Jesus. Be looking for this helpful catalog in the mail soon!


WBS Benefit Dinners 2022

Come join other Christians who are excited about working together to reach the lost. Learn firsthand about 10,000,000 for Christ. Join us! Select a city near you to RSVP or for more information.

Florence, AL – August 30 – Brian Rex Davis, President of World Bible School

Searcy, AR – September 12 – Kyle Butt, Apologetics Press

Nashville, TN – October 6 – T.J. Kirk, Vice President of Student Services at Freed-Hardeman University

Austin, TX – November 10 – Jeff Jenkins, The Jenkins Institute

ACTION! is World Bible School's flagship publication. Read inspiring success stories, tips on how to share the Gospel with others and updates on WBS and its tools!

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