General Resources

World Bible School resources for teachers and coordinators

WBS Connect Brochure and FAQ

Learn more about WBS Connect with this WBS Connect Brochure and FAQ.

Web Ads 2.0 – Finding Your Own Students with Targeted Online Ads

Learn more about Web Ads 2.0 and walk through the setup process in this video.

WBS Web Ads Donation Form

Use this donation form to give for Web Ads.

Teaching World Bible School Using the Website

Powerpoint on how to use

How Can I Get Follow-up Help

Learn how you can help students requesting baptism to become Christians and continue to grow in Christ.

WBS Tri-Fold Display Package

Produce your own great looking WBS display for around $10!

WBS Program Promotion

Use these resources to promote your WBS program, get more of your members involved and enroll students. This downloadable file includes a scripted PowerPoint presentation, videos, posters and handouts.

WBS Scam Alert

Some tips for avoiding scams.


Check here for creative ways to reach out with WBS