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WBS is simple. People eager to learn about God respond to WBS because of advertising, word-of-mouth, campaign groups and other means. They enroll online, by mail, or as a referral from a family member or friend.

Students of printed, postal lessons are assigned to volunteer WBS teachers who send out the first lesson. They correspond with their students much as pen-pals would. But they also share the Truth of the Gospel at the same time. Students of the Web-based lessons study the Introduction Lesson on their own and are then assigned to a WBS teacher. All students study at their own pace and return the test answers to their personal WBS teacher. The teachers, in turn, grade lessons and respond to their expectant students with grade results, new study material, certificates of completion, and notes of explanation and encouragement. This process continues over a period of time—anywhere from months to years. The goal is to see students grow in their faith and knowledge of the Bible and respond to the Gospel. Working with WBS, teachers also help put their students in touch with Christians and churches in their own countries and communities around the world.

WBS' core set of Bible-based lessons teach the fundamentals of God, Jesus, the Gospel message, the church and Christian living. The lessons quote the Bible often so students can complete them even without their own Bible. (Many teachers send their students a Bible of their very own after they have exchanged several lessons.) The lessons are written to elicit an informed, personal faith response to the Gospel.