Why WBS?

Great question. WBS gives you tools for helping other people who want to learn about Jesus and the Bible. It works around the world and close to home, too.

Nathan is a believer in Louisiana. Jesus changed Nathan’s life, and he was eager to pay it forward. Nathan was eager to help someone else learn from the Bible. So he became a WBS teacher.

Nathan adopted several students from the Philippines. He reviewed their lessons and introduced himself. He was off to a good start.

Nathan’s favorite time to teach was during the evenings. His new friends completed lessons and wrote to Nathan about what they were learning.

In the meantime, Nathan’s wife had never given the Bible an opportunity. Nathan often tried to share his hope with her. However, she wasn’t interested until she noticed Nathan’s new hobby.

Nathan’s wife began answering questions from the lessons over Nathan’s shoulder. After some time, Nathan asked his wife if she’d like to study the lessons too. She agreed.

Some time later Nathan had the honor of baptizing his wife, and angels rejoiced.

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