WBS Web Teaching FAQ

You. Sharing Jesus.

Before You Start

Do I need to know much technology?
No. If you can use the Internet, email or your smart phone, you can use WBS’ teaching tools. Online Help and Tutorials are available as needed.
How much time will I need to teach?
It’s up to you. You’ll spend 5 to 10 minutes responding to a Student’s completed lesson. You could spend anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour (or as much as you like) each week encouraging your Students.
Do I need much Bible knowledge?
No. Your Student’s multiple choice questions are automatically graded. You’ll read through the discussion questions/answers and make encouraging comments. The specific Bible passages you and the Student need are quoted in each lesson. You will, however, have ample opportunity to teach as you encourage.
Is there a cost?
No and yes. No because to sign up and teach most students there is no fee required. Yes because you can setup specific target areas that route students to your group. Students acquired in these areas require a $5 donation to adopt  but you can pass them on to someone else if you choose not to adopt. If you would like to support WBS please visit the Give To WBS page to learn more.
How do I communicate with my Students? Is my email address shared with the Student?
No. WBS does not disclose to Students any of your personal information. You’ll communicate with Students within the teaching site when responding to each completed lesson. You’ll also use the Mailbox function to send encouraging notes and supplemental information.

WBS Process

How do I become a Study Helper?
Simply fill out our Teacher Application, receive your confirmation email and approval, then adopt some Students.
Why are there two World Bible School websites?
www.worldbibleschool.net is where Christians and church leaders learn about WBS, apply to teach, give online, etc. After being accepted as a Study Helper, one interacts with Students by logging in at www.worldbibleschool.org.

www.worldbibleschool.org site is where Students enroll for Bible lessons and Student/Student Helper interaction takes place. WBS promotional activities around the world direct potential Students to this site to enroll.

How does WBS find Students?
Historically, ads for free Bible studies were placed in newspapers around the world. Today, much of our advertising is online based on search words. Many Students are referred by word of mouth by family and friends. Christians around the world are active in recruiting Students, as are campaign groups from the U.S. Students enroll online or by mailing in their address and requesting to study.
What is WBS Connect?
WBS Connect lets you find and teach your own WBS Students through a custom URL or through automatic web targets which will route students to your designated area. You can focus on your community or a mission point. Learn more in the WBS Connect Program page.

As a Study Helper

How do I get web Students?
You’ll log in to your account and “adopt” Students from the online Student Board. Adopted Students no longer appear on the Student Board but instead are in your personal My Students page. You can also explore using “Traditional Campaigns” and “Web Ad Targets” to support you outreach efforts both domestic and international.
How many Students should I adopt to begin?
Take 4 or 5. Not all of them will continue with their studies. Adopt additional Students as you feel comfortable.
Will I see Student attrition?
Yes. Like the parable of the sower, many Students do not continue their lessons. Your job is to encourage every Student, find out who shows continued interest and then continue with them in patience and prayer.
What are Groups?
Groups help web Study Helpers work together, encourage each other, share tips and to pursue goals. Groups are typically set up by church, but can be set up for Bible classes, small groups, families, etc. Others can be invited to join a Group and share in the WBS teaching.
What happens when I have a Student who needs “follow up”?
A Student needs “follow up” when he or she has expressed an interest in talking to somebody face-to-face, finding a church or being baptized. WBS has a growing online network of Christians who can often help follow up with Students in much of the world. You can refer your Student from your My Students page.
If I’m a postal Study Helper, does WBS technology have anything to offer me?
A postal Study Helper should apply as a web Study Helper at www.worldbibleschool.net—even if you don’t intend to teach web Students. That way you can log in to adopt postal Students from the Student Board. You can also use the site to enter your own Students for tracking purposes.