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When I stumbled onto your website, it opened up the world for me. I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ brought me to your site to be saved and baptized by water and the Holy Spirit as well. As a WBS Student, I found myself lost in the Word of God and soaking it up like a sponge. May God bless you and the staff of WBS.


Web Student | U.S.A.


I have completed the online WBS lessons and am so appreciative. These lessons are very much useful to me. They are my textbook to announce that Jesus is the Son of God and God is the Creator of the universe. The very most important thing in my life is leading souls to know Jesus and to have the hope of eternal life.




Thank you very much, WBS Study Helper, for sending me the Bible courses! I have really received the blessings of the Bible studying them. I wish—with God’s help—to share this Good News with others. Please pray for me in this great mission.




When I was fifteen, I started studying the Bible with my WBS Study Helper. She has taught me and taken care of me until now. She is the best thing that has happened to me because she showed me the love of God, and now I am a Christian. I study God’s Word every day from the Bible she gave me. The happiest day of my life was the day I gave my life to Christ! Thank you very much for the great work you are doing for the Lord and for WBS Students.



Study Helpers


WBS is a way for me to bring the Gospel to a lot of people. They are so easy to teach and so glad to hear the Word. I find it so uplifting to have Students write me, inquiring with questions. I feel like we’re doing just what God wants us to do. I just love this work!




Being a WBS Study Helper is amazing! I’m thrilled to actually feel like a solid tool for the Lord. Not all Students keep going like I would hope, but a lot of them do. WBS can significantly impact the world for the Lord. If I—a 39-year old, fully employed husband and father—can teach over 80 Students, think of what 100 more people at my church can do.




Part of being a Christian is doing what Jesus did—to reach the lost. If you have a passion for missions, a desire to reach the lost, and just a pen and paper or a computer, WBS offers an incredible opportunity for you!




It is a joy to study with sincere WBS Students that want to study the Bible. Believe me the time is well spent. Many Students are so excited to study the Bible lessons! The Great Commission is still for me. I love being able to study with Students from all around the world with WBS. It’s a wonderful experience!


New Mexico



We are making more converts worldwide through World Bible School than through all other methods combined. That’s not the only thing, but it’s the point of contact, and that is crucial.

Dr. Flavil Yeakley

Church Historian and Demographer


WBS has long been a mainstay of evangelism in Africa. My research shows that one third of Nigerian churches were started as a direct result of WBS. Fully three out of every four members of churches of Christ were at one time WBS Students!

Dr. Wendell Broom

Retired Missionary, Professor


As we train preachers and other church leaders in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, we are finding that many of them were converted through WBS materials and a number of the churches they work with were planted using those materials.

Truitt Adair

Sunset International Bible Institute


WBS Study Helpers do the teaching and we do the reaching. Mission work is about seeking and saving the lost. WBS finds the open doors for us free of charge. Partnering with WBS is a smart way of doing mission work.

George Funk

Gospel Chariot Missions in Perth, Australia