New Women’s Course on Mathetis

World Bible School’s disciple-making tool, Mathetis, is excited to announce its first women’s course, “Walking to the Promised Land” by Lori Boyd. “I am excited to be a partnering with World Bible School in providing resources online so that countless people across the globe can have the opportunity to study the Bible and grow their faith,” says Lori. “Walking to the Promised Land is a study of ‘walking’ verses in the Bible which show how we can be intentional in the way we live. Each day we should strive to step toward our final destination and avoiding aimless wandering.”

The course consists of 16 lessons and can be paired with Lori’s book, “Walking to the Promised Land.” Purchase the accompanied book at Kaio Publications or Amazon.

Lori Boyd, lives in Murfreesboro, TN with her husband and three children. She works as a nurse, school teacher and speaks at women’s retreats, classes and seminars across the country. She is also a World Bible School board member. Lori has written additional books including Praying Through it: Pursuing a Heart of Prayer, Hope Island: Rescue is Coming, and Trailblazers: Following the Path of our Unsung Sisters.

Lori concludes, “I pray that the ‘Walking to the Promised Land’ study will be a blessing to people, and that above all, God will be glorified through its use.”

Mathetis is a tool produced by World Bible School for cultivating spiritual growth through interactive group Bible study. Register today at or download our app in the App Store or Google Play.

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