$250k and Beyond!!!

Thanks to your generous donations the $250k DL Match has been met and exceeded! More students are still waiting. Let’s keep the momentum going as more of the world is being reached.

These funds are being used to help complete the fully featured WBS App.  They will also continue to reach out to seekers through WBS advertisement campaigns for teaching the gospel using the WBS App, the WBS Lite app, Mathetis.org, and more!

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Ways to Give


Please fill out the secure donation form to help us match this generous gift.


Please mail your check to:

WBS., P.O. Box 2169, Cedar Park TX 78630.

For your gift to count for the matching purpose, please put DL Match or Match in the reference line on the check or attach a note.


To process stock gifts, please contact Kevin by phone or email.
tel: 512-345-8190
email: kevin@worldbibleschool.net.

Smart Funds!

The WBS App (left) is designed for students, study helpers and follow-up partners. It will open doors for younger generations to become active in studying and teaching the Gospel with WBS. WBS App is coming soon!

WBS Lite (right) enables students with limited internet connection the ability to study WBS lessons. Smartphones are becoming more prevalent in developing countries. This app enables the Gospel to be spread even further.

WBS Lite is currently available in select countries. The app will become available in the U.S. after the WBS App launch.

Match This!

D.L. was a dedicated Christian who was wealthy in spiritual terms but not in physical terms. Suddenly, his earthly status took a dramatic turn. He was the beneficiary of a wealthy estate derived from valuable mineral rights.

Ever unselfish, D.L reasoned, “For years, I got along just fine without this money. So, I don’t need it now. I’ll set up a trust and use the money for the Lord’s work.” His plan succeeded.

Recently, D.L. passed away. The gift provided by D.L. is based on a true match: “The D.L. Trust will match [funds raised by WBS] dollar for dollar up to $100,000.” Recently, other generous donors have teamed up with the D.L. trust to increase the match to a $250,000 total.

Will you join in D.L. and other generous donor’s faithful generosity to continue to reach seekers?