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Someone Needs You

WBS is finding people everywhere who want to learn more about Jesus and the Bible. Individuals who enroll with WBS to become Students must be adopted by a Christian, a WBS Study Helper, to help them to continue with the lessons and spiritual growth. WBS Students are waiting right now.

As a WBS Study Helper, you’ll exchange lessons with your Students, review their multiple choice lesson answers, review and comment as necessary on the discussion item responses, and encourage and pray for them along the way. You can develop meaningful friendships with some of your WBS Students. You’ll see Students grow in faith and knowledge. Many will come to make their own personal faith response to the Gospel.

Anyone Can Do This

WBS Study Helpers are everyday Christians, of all ages, from teens to families to seniors. They want to be proactive with their faith, and help others know more about the Good News of Jesus and the truth of the Bible.

Become a WBS Study Helper!

  • Experience the joy of sharing the Good News.
  • Plant seeds for God to grow.
  • See others grow in knowledge and faith.
  • Make friends and disciples worldwide.
  • Use WBS’ interactive lessons anytime; on your own or with a group from your church.
  • Receive WBS’ Action! newspaper online with encouraging stories and teaching helps.

Anywhere. Anytime. Online

WBS Study Helpers, young and old, are using WBS tools to share Jesus. You can get started almost immediately. You’ll use web-based tools and mobile devices to encourage seekers who have enrolled as web Students. The time required is flexible for your own schedule—you’ll spend 5 to 10 minutes responding to each Student’s completed lesson.

Newly enrolled WBS Students are constantly becoming available on our online Student Board. They cannot continue until a web Study Helper “adopts” them and assigns more lessons.

Read the Web Teaching FAQ

Printed Lessons Teach Millions

Most WBS Students rely on or prefer to study WBS’ printed lessons by mail. After all, over 4 billion people in the world have no access to the Internet. WBS postal Study Helpers exchange printed lessons by mail with them.

You can get started with WBS postal teaching by contacting WBS to learn how, and acquire a small inventory of lessons and a list of students to contact.

Read the Postal Teaching FAQ

Target Your Outreach

Use WBS Connect to find and teach your own WBS Students. You can focus on your community to see local fruit. Target your mission points around the world, too. WBS Connect provides:

Ideas – Use WBS’ promotional tools to find Bible Students using your own members and outreach programs. For instance, WBS Web Ads lets you cost-effectively target online advertising.

Web Page – Drive traffic to your own WBS-branded page for enrolling Students.

Students – WBS enrollees you find will be available exclusively to your group to teach.

Tools – Use these available features to be more effective with your WBS evangelism:

  • Identify and communicate with your WBS Study Helpers
  • Track Student progress by each Study Helper and as a group
  • Report on targeted campaign effectiveness.

Download the WBS Connect Brochure and FAQ

Find out more about how you and your church can share Jesus with WBS.

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