WBS Follow-Up Partner Agreement


The Spirit of this Agreement

World Bible School (WBS) courses teach important Christian doctrines. Not all people who claim to be Christians hold to these doctrines. Simple integrity requires that people who claim to teach and represent WBS should be consistent with the WBS courses.

WBS therefore reserves the right to deny a followup partner application or to disqualify an existing WBS followup partner from the program. Any denial of application or disqualification should not be seen as a judgment on any person’s relationship with Christ, but rather a way for WBS to keep its integrity and remain accountable to its leaders and supporters.

Statement of Belief

World Bible School followup partners agree to live by and teach by the following statement:

“As a WBS Followup Partner, I agree that I am a member, in good standing, of the Lord’s church. Christ has added me to God’s family when I trusted His Gospel, repented of my sins and, as a believer, received immersion for the removal of my sins.”

Followup partners who fail to live by, or teach by this standard will be disqualified from teaching or assisting with World Bible School followup requests.

Follow-Up Partner Disqualification

World Bible School maintains the right to disqualify followup partners for any of the following reasons:

  • Failing to follow Christ faithfully
  • Failing to practice the great truths taught by the Bible
  • Teaching or promoting doctrines or teachings not in agreement with the Bible or the World Bible School curriculum
  • Not adopting any followup requests or adopting the followup requests and never reporting attempts to contact the students
  • Communicating or acting immorally with students
  • Communicating or acting belligerently, distastefully, or rudely towards students, other teachers, or World Bible School
  • Making requests to other teachers or students for financial assistance or any other physical resources.
  • Operating disingenuously towards students, other teacher, or World Bible School
  • Failing to adhere to World Bible School guidelines for followup (see below)
  • Communicating with students outside the usual WBS channels for the purpose of bypassing review by World Bible School


WBS reserves the right to interpret these standards on a case-by-case basis. By agreeing to teach with World Bible School, you are submitting to the sometimes subjective, always human interpretation of these standards.


World Bible School defines “follow-up” as any process directing a student to any resource outside of the World Bible School website(s) or correspondence programs.

This can include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Sending students to websites not authorized by World Bible School
  • Collecting student contact information for the purpose of disseminating information not in the World Bible School curriculum without written permission from World Bible School
  • Using curriculum not authorized in writing by World Bible School
  • Referring students to any persons or organizations without the direction of World Bible School

Follow-Up Partner Obligations

Followup partners are obligated to the following standards for communication. WBS maintains the right to disqualify partners from the program who do not meet these standards for any reason.

  • Followup partners will communicate status updates on the WBS website to teachers in a timely manner. Usually this means within a week of initially claiming the request.
  • Followup partners will provide sufficiently detailed reports to the WBS website. “Sufficient” means enough detail so that both WBS and the student’s teacher feel comfortable that the student is being given an appropriate level of attention and respect.
  • Followup partners will ensure that students are referred only to members of the Lord’s church.
  • Followup partners will only adopt students that they can help in a timely manner.
  • Followup partners will communicate to WBS any change in status, such as a change in location, change in contact information, or change in ability to meet these expectations.
  • Followup partners will abstain from making requests to teachers or students for financial assistance or any other physical resources.

Privacy and Review

World Bible School can review any communications between study helpers and a student.

Teachers will provide copies of communication between teacher and students done outside of the website upon request by World Bible School. For example, World Bible School may ask a teacher to forward to WBS an email thread between the teacher and a student.


Follow-Up partners may appeal a disqualification decision by writing World Bible School at:

P.O. Box 2169 Cedar Park, TX 78630


By providing followup for any World Bible School students you are agreeing to the terms and standards defined in this agreement.

This document was last updated on September 17, 2018

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