Building with Strong Bricks


Brian Rex Davis
Cedar Park, TX
WBS ACTION! Editor and President


One of the great challenges we face as a brotherhood is whether or not our next generation will choose—of their own free will—to be faithful to Jesus and the pursuit of New Testament Christianity. This issue of ACTION! Magazine highlights three World Bible School tools that can make a difference.

1. Bible Curriculum was developed to answer the most often asked Bible questions from our WBS Students. However, they have been formatted in 13-week lesson booklets. These booklets are ideally suited for a congregation’s quarterly Bible curriculum schedule. As an elder, I can attest to the powerful impact these courses have on the maturity of a congregation. They are timely, biblical, and always focused on Jesus. Read the article: Bible Curriculum: Christianity Must be Taught. 

2. Printed Lessons  International postal systems are having a difficult time in a number of countries where traditionally we have had great Student recruitment. Some countries are just not recovering well after COVID disrupted postal services globally. WBS is not only keenly aware of this, but we have been working feverishly behind the scenes to develop dependable and reproducible alternative correspondence systems for countries and churches who need a new way forward for effective evangelistic experiences. Learn about our solution for postal correspondence. 

3. Mathetis – Each culture and every generation chooses how it likes to communicate. For those of us raised with letters, phones, and e-mail, communication was usually one on one. With smart phones and social media, our next generation often communicates in small groups. Mathetis is a powerful and safe Bible study tool that allows any generation to share Jesus within a group discussion. “Digging Deeper” tools are provided to help teach the principles of mature discipleship to Jesus. Read the article: Transforming Lives with Mathetis: The Power of Group Bible Studies. 

Modern and effective evangelism tools need serious funding. So many of you have given sacrificially to make these tools possible. In a more difficult economic environment, these sacrifices are truly amazing. Thank you for making WBS a priority in your giving. My wife and I, in our recent travels, have been blessed to see the thousands of faces whose lives have been changed by your sacrifice. You are heroes of the faith! Click here to see how your partnership has helped share the Gospel to the world

If you would like to give towards our $1.5 Million Match and Challenge, click here.

ACTION! is World Bible School's flagship publication. Read inspiring success stories, tips on how to share the Gospel with others and updates on WBS and its tools!

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