Brian and Sondra Davis Arrive in Nigeria

Brian and Sondra Davis are greeted by a school studying World Bible School’s “Master Series” Bible correspondence courses using Ocean Bridge in Nigeria.

“As we go to school and we learn how to develop our minds and we learn how to care for our bodies, we also want to learn how to care for our spirits. As the first book in the Bible says, God created us with a spirit in His image and so that makes you very special young people. World Bible School, since 1973, has been providing free opportunities for students around the world to study the Bible by correspondence so that you can get to know God, so you can get to know why He created you, and you get to know how He created you to function and to thrive and to enjoy life and live for eternity. So the opportunity today will be a blessing to you, to your school, to your families, and to the nation of Nigeria.” -Brian Rex Davis

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Pictured above are faces of children Sondra and I met during our recent trip to Nigeria. They serve as a great reminder of our Lord’s lesson on humility in Matthew 18:1-4.

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Forty-five congregations are now using the new Ocean Bridge method of teaching. They serve as pioneers, helping WBS learn how to use this new technology to bypass international postal systems in countries where postal systems are struggling.

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