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Introducing the World Bible School ESV Study Edition Bible

Why the WBS ESV Study Edition Bible?

The English Standard Version (ESV) is a literal translation in modern English. The specially-created WBS Study helps:


Equip current and next generations to pursue truth in a post-modern world.


Teach the principles of New Testament Christianity including one’s faith and baptism response to the Gospel.rld.


Integrate with WBS’ Bible lessons encouraging continued personal study.


Sensitively lead non-Christians to consider Biblical truths.

Daily Reading

Include a helpful chronological daily Bible reading plan.


The Bible includes a concordance and is attractive and durable.

Church Leaders & Members

Great gifts for seekers, youth, new Christians, family and friends.

WBS Study Helpers

Specially-created WBS study helps.

$5.00 each* (1-99)

$4.25 each* (100-499) | $3.50 each* (500+) *Plus Shipping and Handling

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