Additional Resources

WBS is happy to provide links to these resources for students who may seek study beyond WBS materials. Inclusion in this list does not necessarily imply that WBS endorses all content. As with all things, let the Bible be our guide.

World English Institute

Unlike other Bible Correspondence Courses, WEI gathers students who are interested in learning the English language. The reading assignments are lessons from the Bible.

Nations University

Formal education online – modest registration fee and free/affordable certificate and degree programs.

Sunset Online Bible Degree

Formal education online – low-cost auditing, moderate cost credit.

Sunset Digital Library

2,300+ video and audio sermons & classes.

Revealed to Us

A good resource for a Muslim student who has completed the WBS Master Series.

Truth for Today (Portuguese Resources)

Portuguese resources Truth For Today.

Downloadable Study Material

Truth for Today Bible Courses

Evangelistic and faith-building short courses

Africa International

Extensive Bible study resources

E-Bible Study

Full curriculums for Bible classes and group study

Apologetics Press

Bible studies for faith-building

Agape Bible Studies

Six-course online Bible curriculum

Downloadable Audio & Video Studies

African Pathways - World Christian Broadcasting

Audio instruction for health and stories of faith and wise living

In Search of the Lord's Way

“Resources” tab has a library of transcripts and songs

Church of Christ Songs

Free downloads of songs with lyrics and slides

SIBI Chapel Services

Chapel services at Sunset International Bible Institute

Harding University iTunesU

Extensive archive of lectureships, chapel presentations and more

Key to the Kingdom

Video, Audio, and Written presentations for distribution

Character Building

New Life Behavior Ministries

Faith-based tools to assist in behavior improvement. Useful in prison/jail ministry, substance abuse recovery, etc.