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Action! July 2020

There is much we cannot fathom about God’s work in devastating crises. Our God chooses to keep some things secret (Deuteronomy 29:29; Matthew 6:6). But He provides sufficient evidence for trust and He reveals our mission: “Make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19).

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Action! May 2020

In a troubled world, people need Jesus’ peace, purpose and hope. Church leaders ask, “How can we feed the flock?” Members ask, “How can we share Jesus?”

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Action! March 2020


Doesn’t that have a unique ring? 2020 evokes clear, accurate vision. It suggests a theme that many groups are using this year. We too see the value of 2020 and give it a special focus: Seeing the Great Commission through the eyes of Jesus. This year, each issue of Action! examines a facet of the Great Commission.

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Action! January 2020

Remembering R.H. “Tex” Williams

Tex Williams graduated to glory on October 23, 2019. World Bible School’s current chairman, Howard Norton, sent this message:
This is another giant who has left our earthly presence. I am thankful for his life and friendship and for his boundless energy and talent for reaching the lost. Although we will miss him, I am thankful that he has crossed the finish line and is in a better place.

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