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1.5 million people at a time are receiving WBS Bible lessons. Each year, tens of thousands respond in faith to God’s call. But it would not happen without their WBS teacher.

27 English

At this moment, 27 English speaking students are ready for a teacher.

Please consider:

WBS students need you.

These are real people, with a real desire to learn about God. This process works with the personal involvement of the WBS teacher, also referred to as a "study helper."

As a WBS teacher, you can:

  • Serve God by personally fulfilling the Great Commission.
  • Experience the joy of sharing the Gospel and seeing fruit.
  • Work from home or with a group from your church.
  • Make friends and disciples from other countries.
  • Teach a few minutes a week or as much as you like.
  • Receive you own online issue of WBS’ Action! newspaper with teaching helps and exciting stories of evangelism.

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What Do WBS Teachers Do?

WBS teachers are everyday, volunteer Christians, young and old, individuals and families. They share the Truth of the Gospel by providing Bible lessons and interacting with their students.

As a WBS teacher, you do not have to have extensive Bible knowledge and the lessons are easy to grade. (Don’t be surprised, though, if your students pose some “interesting” questions for you!) It is enough to promptly exchange lessons with your students, write encouraging notes and pray on their behalf. The time required is flexible for your own schedule—from half an hour a week to as much as you like. But what God accomplishes through you with each precious soul—and your own personal fulfillment—is rewarding beyond measure!

Teach by Postal

With WBS Postal lessons, many thousand WBS teachers use printed correspondence to teach millions of students. Acting as “pen pals”, WBS teachers send Bible lessons to their students around the world. Students return completed lessons by mail, and the WBS teacher, in turn mails new course booklets and notes of encouragement.

WBS Postal teaching requires a start-up investment in a small inventory of WBS lessons and postage. A single WBS Postal teacher aiming to spend a half hour a week might expect to budget $13 dollars a month. Because a church or an individual teacher pays for the lessons, they are completely FREE to the student—except for the stamp needed to mail in completed answer sheets. With WBS Postal teaching, lesson exchanges may span many months due to inefficient third world postal systems, larger study booklets requiring more study time and complications of life.

Teach by Web or Email

The teaching process is different with Web courses. It can certainly have more rapid communication between students and teachers! With postal teaching, the student depends on the WBS teacher to receive his or her next lesson by mail. With Web studies, students can study WBS’ lessons online with auto-graded lessons. The Web teacher can immediately monitor the progress of a student, commenting on lessons, assigning new lessons as the student continues, inviting prayer concerns and encouraging the student on an ongoing basis.

Web teachers can also send WBS courses via email to students around the world and share their Bible knowledge and the love of God with them. Teachers who are willing to teach using email have the option of easily downloading the courses to their personal computer or of sending the lessons directly from the website. Compassion overflows as simple messages filled with faith and hope satisfy the spiritual hunger and thirst of thousands of email students.

Join us! Become a WBS teacher! Help us fulfill the Great Commission. Find out just how impactful WBS can be. See how God blesses your efforts!

Who pays for WBS Internet?

WBS invests much to make Internet teaching effective and free to WBS students. Who pays for it? Caring Christians who support WBS with gifts large and small. We want to express our gratitude to all our generous supporters.

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